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Week One Take Aways (08/31/14)

* Harlandale was the only 28-5A team to come away with a victory this week.

* It is rare for a team to win a football game when it loses the total yardage battle as Harlandale did in Thursday's victory over Devine (270-309). The Indians did so only once last year and that was in the second round 33-28 victory over Rio Grande City. Total yards that evening were 365-368.

* A positive turnover differential can make the difference in games when the yardage battle isn't going your way. Sometimes winning the turnover battle is a matter of luck and sometimes it is good defensive technique. Thursday's turnovers are an example of the latter as Indian defenders aggressively attacked the ball when they could.

* We couldn't detect any difference in tempo that some expected with the new 40 second play clock rule. The Indians ran 51 plays from scrimmage which is slightly below last year's average.

* Devine is kinda big and has a potent rushing game.

* Brack's QB, Antonio Lopez looks to have started where he left off. Although he suffered his first loss as a starter (4-1), he tossed it around pretty well (18 of 30 and 60% for 347yds; 4 TD's & 2 INT's) in a 45-66 loss to Jay.

* Highlands may have started the season with an "L," but the Owls played tough in a 7-13 loss to the 2013 29-4A District Champion, Floresville Tigers.

* Somerset can put points on the board. The Bulldogs put 41 up on the board in a 41-60 loss to Port Lavaca Calhoun. And that was an away game.

Season tickets to go on sale (07/29/14)

Season tickets for Harlandale and McCollum varsity football games will be sold at the Athletics office at Memorial Stadium starting August 18 through August 29 from 8:00AM to 4:00PM. The season ticket package will include all home games (the Frontier Bowl ticket is included whether home or visitor). If you purchase the season ticket package now, you won't have to stand in line for your Frontier Bowl tickets in November.

This year, Harlandale has 6 games at Memorial Stadium, so season tickets for the Indians will cost $48. McCollum has 5 games at Memorial Stadium; Cowboys season tickets will cost $40.

For additional information, the Athletics office can be reached at 977-1645.


The Warpath Take: New 40 Second Play Clock for Football (07/20/14)

OLD AND BUSTED: 1) Official whistles the play dead, 2) Officials get the ball to the umpire (significant disparity in the amount of time this takes from crew to crew), 3) Umpire spots the ball, 4) Umpire signals 25 second play clock to begin. 

YOUNG AND FRESH: 1) Official whistles play dead, 2) 40 second clock begins (with the exception of certain time stoppage situations), 3) Officials get the ball to the umpire, 4) Umpire spots ball.

The general consensus is that this rule change will increase the number of snaps we will see in a game, but we believe what it will really do is standardize ball-spotting so that we no longer have fast crews / slow crews officiating football games.

In the past, if an officiating crew was determined to keep the game moving, the ball was already being spotted in a manner that wouldn't allow more than 40 seconds between snaps. If, on the other hand, a crew didn't emphasize this aspect of officiating, the number of snaps taken during a game would be significantly reduced. We've all been to games that just seemed to flow better than others. This rule will help to keep the flow of games more consistent.

The new play clock rule will take time management out of the hands of the officials, and some fans worry that point differentials could become humiliating for an out-matched team. With the previous rule, when scores got out of control, most officiating crews would (mercifully) take more time to spot the ball and start the 25 second clock, thus reducing further scoring opportunities. The new rule takes this option away from the officials.

The responsibility for sportsmanship during a blowout then falls completely on coaching staffs, but there certainly are several methods to brake the scoring regardless of the number of snaps an offense takes.




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Warpath Podcasts 2014-15
Date Title and Link Podcast Length
05/24/14 Pre-Maroon & Gold Game w/ Isaac Martinez 5 Minutes
07/26/14 Catching up w/ Glen Salazar ('02) 3.75 Minutes
07/27/14 Katie Neira & Sierra Sandoval, Kansas Bound 3.25 Minutes
08/24/14 Eric Smith of the Devine News 9.10 Minutes
08/31/14 Coach Martinez on Devine & Somerset 6.70 Minutes

Indians in the Media 2014-15 
Story Link Email the Reporter
07/15/14 Hoops and community service David Hinojosa
07/22/14 Movie star was a Harlandale graduate first David Hinojosa
07/29/59 VB stars to continue friendship after HS David Considine
07/29/59 Boxer C. Ramos' debut scheduled for Aug 30 John Whisler

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 Reunion News

1964 is planning a reunion for Sept 19-20 at the Hilton San Antonio Hill Country and Spa. ywurgler@leaping-wizards.net

1976 is organizing for a 2016 reunion. For information, call 372-2210 or email harlandalereunionclassof1976@gmail.com

1984 reunion is planned for Oct 18. For info: , , or email hhs1984@outlook.com.

2004 is planning its 10 year reunion for 2014. For more information, contact Stephen Martinez at 210-667-6962 or smartinez210@gmail.com.

Editor's note - Email us your reunion plans. We'd be glad to post the info (but you have to promise to send us photos).

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1940's Scrapbook 1950's Scrapbook 1960's Scrapbook
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